Car Need to Know’s

The following is an excerpt from Episode 43 – Cars 101. Listen to the whole episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Things to know if you have to go to the shop. If you plan to go to the shop. If you end up in the shop with your vehicle. From the words of a mechanic:

  1. Owner’s Manual

Specifically, for Dash Lights!

You need to have your owner’s manual. If you don’t have your owner’s manual, you need to download it or Google it or whatever.

Why? You need to learn what all the dash lights mean in your car. The lights could mean different things depending on the year, on the style, the make, the badge everything. If the light comes on in your car and you don’t know what it means, then look it up in your manual. There are lights specific to your car, which will be explained in the owner’s manual. But some are general. Jon says “The main one looks like something dripping out of a can. It’s not a teacup. That doesn’t mean shit, Starbucks time!” That that is an oil light, your check engine light. If you don’t get that checked out soon, all kinds of lights are going to pop up on your dash.

  1. Details about your own car

Put these in your phone’s notes app!

Repeat these three words: Make. Model. Year.

You need to know this so that when you’re up at the shop counter and the mechanic is trying to get you quoted or get you set up inside, they don’t have to send someone outside to check out your car. Also, it’s mostly to make you not look like an idiot. I’m sorry, guy. I don’t know what I drive.

You need to know your tires size. Why? Because when you go in and you say, I need some tires, they’re gonna ask you what size tires you have. If you don’t know the tire size on top of not knowing the other details about your car, then they don’t know how to pull up your vehicle in the system to get you quoted. Now they have to go outside to check your car; it all kind of goes together.

Engine size! There are going to be different engine sizes for the same vehicles in some case. There can be a sport model. There can be a touring model. There can be a base model. There’s just so much customization.

  1. What goes into your car

Think liquids..

You should definitely know what kind of oil you’re running in your car. You can find this out from your owner’s manual, or by researching your car.

For some cars, it’s is on your cap. So it tells you what kind of oil tells you the weight of the oil. There’s all kinds of oil. There is five 20. There’s ten 30. There is zero 40. There is zero 16. So much diversity in five 40. So just look under your hood.

  1. Tire Lights

They shouldn’t be taken lightly or ignored.

You have a luxury if you have a tire light that comes on when your tires low. If that thing lights up, pull over immediately, as soon as humanly possible.

If you ignore that light and your tire is low and your tire continues to get low – BOOM. When your tire is low on air, the wheel itself, the rim, the wheel, will start to eat away at the sidewall of the tire because it has become closer and closer to the metal. Once the outside sidewall of the tires eaten up too much, what was going to be a simple repair, is now you buying a brand new tire. We can’t repair it. And you can’t just buy one tire. Most places, that isn’t like a mom and pop shop or like a shady shop, are not going to repair the tire. No one is going to repair the tire. The car has been compromised because now it’s the ring of death around your sidewall of your tire and the tires compromised.

So my question is, as I come out of work one day and I noticed that my tires are low. Can I drive to the nearest place to air it up? Or should I call a tone company?

Jon says that all depends on how low it is. If you can see that it has become a complete and total flat spot on the bottom. I would definitely check with whoever is around to see if, you know, they possibly have an air pump. Then I would look up where near as places where you can get air after that. Yeah, you’re going to have to call a tow truck and that’s going to cost you money. That stinks. But then again, tires are more expensive.

  1. Do a Daily Circle

Take the time now to save yourself later.

Look, just do a do a circle around your car. Check out your tires. Kick your tires. Feel your tires. What if I feel like what if I’m in a rush? I mean, hey, I guess I’ll be in even more of a rush if my car breaks down the side of the road. Just take care of your car, because it’s what gets you everywhere.

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