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I have got to air out my excitement and my love for Hamilton.

So Hamilton is the musical, the famed musical from 2015, that swept Broadway, swept the nation. Everybody was talking about it. It was on everybody’s playlists. Well, it dropped on Disney+ on July 3rd!

I love musicals, but I’m not somebody that listens to Broadway musical soundtracks before I’ve seen the musical. So I had not yet listened to the soundtrack. I had just heard it was phenomenal. The last time I was this excited about a musical that I had never seen before was Wicked and it blew my fucking socks off, so I was really excited to sit down and watch the original Broadway cast perform.

We had just gotten home from vacation and I sat down to watch Hamilton for the first time. And since July 3rd, y’all, I have not went a single day without listening to the entire musical’s soundtrack. I wake up and I think of it. I go to sleep and I’m thinking about it, During the day I’m thinking about it.

I am Hamilton-obsessed – and you know what? I’m really OK with it. There’s not many things in life that I get really, really excited about because I’m a very realistic person. I don’t carry excitement about one thing for very long. But this has been something that I I am actively looking up things about it. I actively like following people, you know, on social media and everything. I am looking up YouTube stuff like theories and conspiracies. I am research more and more of the history. I am even watching covers of the songs by randoms.

When I watched Hamilton for the first time, it was phenomenal. The music = killer. The acting and musicality = killer. But it was honestly more than that. It was the fact that what I was watching was such a huge part of history, like the story, of course, but also the cast, the show itself. Its the impact that the show had and still is having, knowing that this show is a part of something bigger than itself is just, oh, it gave me chills. I would literally look over at Jon playing on his phone (not even paying attention because he’s just not into it somehow) and I’m just amazed. I realize that this is history making. This show itself is history making.

I need more. I need more. I need more Hamilton. I need more Broadway musicals and plays and stuff like Hamilton. And I’m excited for more to come. I’m obsessed and I’m probably honestly going to watch it tonight. Now that I talked about it and I’m really excited about it.

3 thoughts on “Hamilton-Obsessed

  1. I love musicals too. I did not get into the whole Hamilton Obsession Thing.

    I am obsessed with a musical though: Les Mis. In 2006, I saw Wicked on Broadway- the musical that sparked the love, but there was no passion. Then in 2013, after a 2nd chance at the Les Mis film, the passion was born. I get pretty excited when I see any musical: the last one I saw was Come From Away.

    Blumenthal Performing Arts helps with my love for musicals. Due to living in Charlotte, getting to NYC isn’t easy. As in too far away. Blumenthal hosts the tours- musicals have come to either Belk Theater or Ovens Auditorium. Wicked, Les Mis, Newsies, Come From Away, Rent, and PIppin are just some of the musicals I saw with Blumenthal


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