Should I Write an Acceptance Speech?

The following is an excerpt from Episode 48 – . Listen to the whole episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Photo from Hollywood Reporter

In Episode 48 and a previous blog post, I went through the Emmy and MTV Video Music Awards nominations. Both lists came out recently and I had not looked at them before recording the episode that corresponds to this episode. A previous blog (Link the Blog) was my run through them and my one-off thoughts, but this blog is something else.

I must say, now that the Emmy and the VMAs are back on track, that I for-sure had a vision of myself where I was going to be a famous. I was going to be a triple threat. I was going to be an actor, singer and dancer. Over the years I have written down quite a few acceptance speeches for the inevitable awards that I would win if I were to be famous. I think there’s an art about an acceptance speech.

My idea of a perfect acceptance speech has definitely morphed over the years. It used to be definitely like go up there and thank mom, dad, whoever you’re bangin’, and then end with a thank you to the fans. Now, it’s progressed into using that opportunity to speak on something.

And sometimes that’s just odd to me. It’s like if you just won Best Comedic Actress and then go up there to start talking about a hard hitting deep thing that’s really meaningful to you. I’m not against this because people can have layers and depth. It’s just kind of out of left field. But then again, this is possibly your one time to talk about these issues or speak about what you’re passionate about. So I’m not sure what route I would go down if I were up there.

I think for my very first award I would ever win, I would definitely use that opportunity to be like, holy shit, thank you so, so much. I’d probably be crying and hyperventilating or at least pretending to cry and hyperventilate because I don’t want to seem unappreciative. Yeah, I definitely would use my first acceptance speech to more like, thank you so much. “Thank you to my fans, thank you to the vote and thank you to the Academy.” I would definitely use my very first win as that.

But let’s be honest, I would probably win more if I were famous. So I would definitely use my later speeches like my second, third, fourth, fifth, trillionth win. I would use those as the opportunity to really hit the nail on the head. Like to really get in down dirty and talk about the real stuff.

Maybe I should write an acceptance speech. If only to have one on the docket just in case, I should start drafting one. Like what if I suddenly become famous.

I wonder I’ve always wondered if the people that win these awards know ahead of time. Do they know ahead of time and do they always prep a speech, even if they don’t think they’re going to win? And how much prepping do they do? I don’t know.

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